Your brand offers amazing technology.

We offer you top-tier tech marcom to



The days of hard-sell B2B are over

Buyers don’t want a sales pitch. They want to engage in conversations with technology vendors like you who care about their needs and values.

To make the connections, we create IMC programs that integrate messaging and digital marketing technology to engage buyers anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Superb messaging in well-written content is still the key to engage your market, no matter what the delivery channel.

We help you win by bringing a unique buyer-up perspective to your marketing table. With 37 years of B2B tech marketing experience, we know tech buyers. They don’t fixate on technical specifications. Tech buyers are human beings like you and me. So our B2B professionals are the “master translators”. They convert complex tech-talk into engaging messaging that’s easy to understand. The difference is huge.

Want to engage? We seek clients who are or want to be B2B tech brand leaders. We offer you big ideas, top-tier execution, and brand-building engagement.


Our Approach


Marketing Imagination

We believe that imagination is the heart and soul of B2B marketing excellence. The “special sauce” that gives your messaging the edge. Marketing imagination turns an ordinary campaign into a brand connection with your customers. It’s what drives…well, everything we do.

Why We Love Our Jobs

Top-tier tech marketing for B2B technology clients is our thing. It’s what we were founded to do 37 years ago. It’s what we do today.

Technology-rich companies span diverse industries – from computers to biotechnology, from production automation to chemicals, from healthcare instrumentation to software applications. The products and the markets are complex. Our job is to clarify, to simplify, to engage. We do that well.

Our People

Of all the things that agencies claim, nothing is more important to your marketing success than the people who actually work on your account. Look them in the eye. Do you see respect and commitment? Look at their work. Do you see imagination, talent and fire to create WOW marketing campaigns for your brand? With our people, you will.

Global Reach


Your brand is not bound by borders. Your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be either. Together with our partners we can deliver expert support in 60 countries on six continents.

Schubert b2b is part of ICOM – one of the world’s largest networks of independent marketing agencies. Our partners are native to their regions and experts in their local culture. Together we adapt your brand message to each culture and communicate it through local SEO, events, social media outreach, media relations – whatever you need. It’s the most effective way to mass market your brand globally.



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